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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. deputies have arrested a man they say shot at a deputy, ran into a home and tooks who tans, including a child. -- and took hostages, including a child. >> reporter: investigators are still on the scene at this house behind me every now and then you will see a flashlight as investigators look for every piece of evidence. this is where it ended about two hours ago after suspect turned himself in after allegedly firing at a deputy and taking three people hostage. deputies say it was a stolen saturn about 8:00 last night. deputy tried to pull it over, the driver shot at the deputy, two men hopped out of vehicle and ran the driver took off and stopped here at high and
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jensen where he took three hostages, a man, woman and child. streets blocked off around this area high street exit off of 880 closed. investigators still wondering why he stopped here? >> that is still being investigated. figuring out who is connected and who is not and how this individual entered up picking this house to go into. >> reporter: the woman and child were released last the adult male hostage released early this morning. negotiators persuaded the suspect to come out. in the end several harrowing hours out here, no one hurt and that suspect in custody. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:02. californians go to the polls in less than two hours. amy hollyfield is live at the registrar in alameda county this year's primary will be
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different. >> reporter: there will be a different experience waiting for you at the polls today. we found that not a lot of people know about the change. we asked a lot of voters if they've heard about this two-choice system? we a lot of blank stares. the two top winners the race today will go to the general election no matter their party. two democrats could run against each other in november. the candidates tell us it is really changed how they campaign. >> it has forced candidates to reach out to voters who normally would not be contacted, independent voters. it has meant more work and more shoes that i've had to buy. >> reporter: the predictions are the turnout will be low today. experts say probably because the presidential race is already set so interest is pretty low. those of you who decide to come out and vote today, you will have a new experience and you will be watched if you are
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in alameda. the justice department announced it is sending monitors to look for voter discrimination. federal officials didn't say why. but, it could be because of the new rules. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. stay with abc7 news for the latest election coverage and results you can go to for continuous up to the minute returns as soon as the polls close at 8:00 tonight. an investigation into sexual assault allegations against giants' pablo sandoval could wrap up friday. investigators are look into a complaint filed last friday morning by a 21-year-old woman who says the assault took place. sandoval's attorney says the contact was consensual and his client is cooperating. so far no charges have been file. investigators cezanne val met the woman thursday night. -- downtown with that
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small group and went to the resort. more than just the two of them went to the resort? >> correct. >> according to sports net the woman claims she was too drunk to give consent. findings will be to the district attorney who will decide whether charges should be filed. this morning investigators still trying to determine the cause of a fire that forced evacuation of a burning apartment building in san francisco around 6 last night in the tenderloin district it took more than hours to get control of blaze. one man was sent to the hospital. residents were forced to evacuate but allowed back once firefighters cleared the scene. parents will meet with school administrators in brentwood today to plead their kids' cases over punishment for a school prank. it was last thursday night, 80 heritage high seniors decided to paint parts of the school,
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one group chained up a lamb and left it overnight on cam -- on campus. the seniors have been suspended for five days, which means no final exams or graduation. >> we didn't think it was too harmful, washable paint. we thought it was -- we knew we would get in a little trouble we didn't think we would get suspended and not walk. >> i still think they should be able to graduate and walk. >> even more vandalism occurred a few days when add greats from an earlier senior class spray painted windows. man free on bail after being booked for animal cruelty police found him pushing a bike and dragging two dogs on their sides female pit bull and boxer both were unresponsive when officers stopped him. he told police he had taken the dogs on a seven mile run without water before or during the exercise. the pit bull was returned to its owner.
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the boxer had to be euthanized. protest expected outside san francisco city hall when transportation leaders consider new regulations on the city's taxis. dozens of drivers were participateed in a caravan yesterday [ inaudible ] >> i couldn't hear myself speak. >> you saw the streets were a little wet. doppler showing a different picture this morning. >> dry deck on the bay bridge. mike what do you see? >> just one lone shower off marin and sonoma county coast,
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10 to 15 miles out to sea, you can see over the last three hours this is sliding to the north from the northwest to the southeast. it is falling apart. maybe a few sprinkles close to the shore from bodega bay towards inverness. it will be cool and mainly dry at 7:00 commute easier temperatures around 50° under a partly sunny sky. by 4:00, still breezy and temperatures will hit upper 50s at the coast mid to upper 60s bay and inland once the sun starts to drop chilly mid to upper 50s coast and bay mid 60s inland breeze will make it feel cooler we won't have the breeze tomorrow nor clouds warmer weather on the high near 60 along the coast tomorrow and thursday low to mid 80s inland cooling trend friday temperatures back below
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average. southbound 880 at free month boulevard apparently this accident is now -- fremont boulevard a apparently this accident is now blocking the middle lanes a couple cars involved slowing at 47 miles per hour southbound on 880. so far, no injuries have beenó"ñ reported. we'll keep you posted on this one. also, northbound 101 through novato, lanes blocked until 6:00, a little bit farther north at hearn avenue, there's an injury crash, a new one reported as well. chp en route as well as emergency crews. we'll check out the delays in the area. so far, southbound traffic through petaluma down towards san rafael looking good. we have a live shot 101 san rafael headlights here traffic still light down to the golden gate bridge where it is still a quiet ride into
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san francisco. several bay area companies will be putting out the "help wanted" sign today, next the information you need to know to get in on jobs. google goes shopping acquisition it is making to try to take on facebook. >> you may be paying more for dry cleaning. how wire hang for blame. spectacular show the sun and venus are putting on today. why you don't want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal,
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good morning. emergency economic summit finance ministers and central bank presidents of the word's seven wealthiest countries will participate in a conference call later today. europe's problems are contributing to the economic slow down here economists do not think the u.s. will wind up in another recession. households owe less money, banks are more profitable earnings up and housing market getting better. taco bell says its new taco is a big winner largest and most successful in its 50 year history. yesterday was the anniversary of china's crackdown in tiananmen share and the shanghai stock exchange closed -- that's america's money i'm rob nelson. the senate will consider a bill to ensure that women earn
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the same pay as men for equal work. president obama is pushing the legislation. he says women earn 77 cent average for every dollar earned by men. wilt force firms to show gender has nothing to do with wage differences and ban companies from retaliating against employees who seek salary information. republicans say the legislation would put additional burdens on businesses. hundreds of jobs available at a free job fair today in concord. abc news is co-sponsor from noon to 4 on clayton road employers include the national guard, prudential insurance, board of he canization and sutter health. -- board of equalization and sutter health. for more go to jobs. google buying a start-that up started as a system to connect people by instant messaging. google says the accusation
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will bring more tools to its social network google plus more than 170 million users, users don't visit as facebook's 900 million users do. google has been on a buying spree acquiring 140 companies for 16 billion dollars in the past few years. big deal for a san francisco company sold to starbucks for 100 million dollars if the coffee company gets regulatory approval there will be a brand in every starbucks pastry case in the country. we might be paying more for dry cleaning the culprit, wire hangers major expense for dry cleaners the price could be edging up the u.s. is imposing new trade penalties on vietnam. last year we imported 31 million dollars worth. many dry cleaners say they will probably pass the
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increase on to consumers. >> >> get ready for a spectacle this afternoon it won't be visibility again on earth for another 105 years or so it is called the transit of venus when venus transits across the face of the sun. this shows what you can expect to see but you can't see it by looking directly the sun. you will damage your eyes. the small black dot is the silhouette of venus. the observatory deck of the science center will be open for viewers today the next one won't occur until 2117. >> i intend to be around for the next one. >> absolutely. just if case, how is the viewing tonight? >> fine. a little breezy that's about it. maybe a cloud or to passing by. >> i'll meet you guys at the
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sports bar. i'll buy the first round of ice-tea, 2117. we look from sutro tower in san francisco right now. i want to show you picking up a few specks, even the ones coming down 101 and the other one almost over the big story is the cooler conditions temperatures from two to 12° cooler when you step out this morning. that puts us in the upper 40s mainly low 50s now same around the monterey bay that's what should dress for when you step out. south bay today mid 60s to 70. peninsula low to mid 50s.
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near 60 downtown south san francisco, sausalito 62. mid 60s throughout most of the east bay shore as you head too the east bay valleys upper 60s to low 70s monterey bay upper 50s mid to upper 60s rest of the bay 70 inland towards gilroy everybody will be partly cloudy northwest breeze around 15 to 25. took it to the rangers last night 12-1. [ unintelligible ] looking at tonight's lows mainly in the 40s, sprinkling of low 50s. let's take a look at what is going to happen today, we start at 3:06 when the transit begins look off to the west with eye protection venus on the northwest corner or upper left corner i guess you should really say contact with the sun 3:06 as the sun is setting you can see often hoare right
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soon mid point 6:25 by the time it ends unfortunately well after sunset clear outside dress for 50s and 60s. two to eight degrees warmer tomorrow and a couple more degrees of warmth thursday. another surge of warmer weather sunday, monday. i was surprised new injury crash in burlingame. on the peninsula south 101 approaching poplar on the shoulder they will send an emergency crew and that sometimes causes delays as drivers take a look we'll let you know if it does right now still moving close to 70 miles an hour. also, this earlier problem southbound 880 fremont boulevard turns out it might not have been an accident just solo spinnout but it is on shoulder traffic picking up -- speed. there is injury crash in the
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north bay towards santa rosa north 101 approaching highway 12 injury accident blocking at least one lane. most commuters heading in the southbound direction we are picking up slowing northbound and we'll keep track of slow downs if they develop southbound. as we take a look outside everywhere else traffic slight, no delays at the bay bridge toll. also fine right here in san jose for headlights moving northbound 280 past highway 17. but, traffic heavy westbound 205 out of tracy reported by traffic spotter and moving around 22 miles an hour right now as you make your way into the altamont pass. of course, download our free traffic app, 5:20. mike touched on this, big night for the a's fans. next, the rookie pitcher who almost pulled off an amazing feat against one of the best
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teams in the majors. move over tupac. the unreal sight greeting summer travelers at this airport.
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good morning. 5:23. as we've been saying this morning when what a difference day makes. you see breaks in the clouds, yesterday this time we were seeing rain. mike will have a look at live doppler tell you where there may be an isolated shower out there. oakland a's fans got a
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treat last night the last place a's blew out the first place ranger. the most exciting part of the win was the no-hitter that pitcher jared parker had to the 8th inning. when michael young hit one up the middle. parker let only within hit leading -- only one hit leaving the a toes a standing ovation. giants three games back of the dodgers after -- yesterday's victory over the cubs. giants came from behind a 2-0 deficit in the second to sweep cubs. former uc berkeley golfer one of seven who will be invited to play at the u.s. open next week. he won yesterday's qualifier to get into the open. he has been the nationwide tour where he won in north carolina sunday then hopped on a politician to get back to san francisco yesterday with only three
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hours sleep to fire an eight under for his win in the qualifier. >> imagine if he had four hours sleep. new travel assistant at a virginia airport, tall, dark and fake. >> hello welcome to >> page is causing quite a stir at washington dulles. she is a lifesized hologram projected image going through customs has never been so entertaining. page shows you what you need coming off -- paige shows you what you need coming off an international flight if people like her the airport will put in more holograms and she won't a raise. armed man holds at bay. the latest on the peaceful end to a a tense six hour standoff. measure making through the
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state legislature that could bring relief to the slow bay area commute. here's a look at temperatures across the bay area today from the mid to upper 50s lange the. upper 60s to low 70s inland partly cloudy by breezy sky. here's a look at what is going to happen today as far as flight delays. everybody running on time except for philadelphia they have flight departure delays. find out if your flight is affected see how long it will take to get through customs at the bottom. graduation, huh ?
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thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. six hour hostage standoff is over. the police still have questions this morning. it wrapped up 3:00 when the suspect who had been holed up all night in a house at high and jensen gave up. a deputy tried to pull over a stolen saturn the driver fired a gun and drove off. the deputy was not injure. the suspect took three hostages inside the house releasing a woman and child last night the man turned himself in early this morning. another big story, federal appeals court in san francisco will this morning announce a key decision in california's ongoing battle over same-sex. katie marzullo is in our breaking news center.
5:31 am
>> reporter: the 9th circuit court of appeals is deciding whether to review the ruling that declared the ban on same-sex unconstitutional. in february a panel decided prop 8 violated the rights of same-sex couples supporters of the ban appealed. if the 9th circuit court decides this morning it will take another look at the ban it will assemble an 11-judge panel to do so. that decision could take months, maybe even more than a year. then the question of the u.s. supreme court hearing the case or not the appeals court decides to review the marriage ban in morning, the case will still likely ultimately get kicked up to the supreme court. the difference is, if that will happen now or at the end of the appeals court review. however, some legal experts question if the supreme court will agree to hear the case because it is written so specifically to california it does not affect the entire country. the 9th circuit will post its decision online this morning
5:32 am
at 10 a.m.. the polls open at 7:00 this morning for today's state primary. turnout is expected to below with the presidential s decided by both parties. there are major state issues such as heavily funded campaign surrounding prop 29. which would add a dollar tax to each pack of cigarettes. voters are now able to select candidates for congress and the state legislature regardless of political party. >> stay with abc7 news for the latest election coverage and results. you can go to for continuous up to the minute returns as soon as the polls close at 8:00 tonight. abc7 news will be tweeting election results throughout the evening. @abc7 news bay area. a judge has scheduled a hearing today after he ordered records of calls and texts made and received by ross mirkarimi be turned over to mayor lee.
5:33 am
the chronicle reports mirkarimi's legal team is objecting to the judge's tentative ruling yesterday it involves texts and calls made between mirkarimi and his wife, his campaign manager and his neighbors. lee used his subpoena powers as mayor to see if records can reveal whether mirkarimi tried to dissuade witnesses from cooperating with police in the domestic violence incident on new year's eve with his wife. authorities say the search for missing teen sire sir winding down she is the -- teen sierra lamar is winding down. divers returned to the reservoir one last time yesterday one of a half dozen waterways in the region they've been searching. authorities say this will be the last water search unless they get new tips. police arrested antolin garcia-torres and charged him with kidnapping and murdering sierra. he's expected to return to
5:34 am
court this month to enter a plea. mayor quan proposing a 400 million dollar budget plan with no cuts or lay-offs, not the first -- the first time in four years. better than expected revenue and cost savings from employee concessions are allowing the budget to be in the black. police department would stay at the current level. the council questions adding new positions when the city could be giving back worker concessions. a vet is set for john 249th. -- a vote is set for june 29th. so-called social host ordinance makes a parent or adult liable for gatherings of four or more underaged drinkers on their property, whether or not that party creates a disturbance. the homeowners would be responsible even if they were not at the property or unaware of the gathering. traffic back to normal in downtown san francisco
5:35 am
following a shutdown of streets due to downed live electrical lines. it began after 4:00 yesterday afternoon live fires from a muni bus broke off and fell into the street a young woman was hit by one wire she and two others were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. market street was shutdown between third and eighth streets more than three hours. the state assembly has approved a bill to open up i-80 carpool lanes between the bay bridge and the carquinez bridge. those lanes could become available to all drivers in the reverse commute direction under the bill. eastbound carpool lanes would become available during the morning and westbound lanes would be usable during the afternoon drive. happening right now, britain is wrapping up a four day tribute to queen elizabeth ii. you are looking at a live picture of a parade underway
5:36 am
now for the queen's jubilee. she herself is at westminster hall for a lunch at the moment. in a few hours from now the queen will make a rare public address to the nation on this final day of the jubilee. her majesty arrived to a trumpet fanfare and a cheering crowd outside st. paul's cathedral. prince philip is in the hospital still for observation after suffering a bladder infection. after church and a lunch, going on now the royal family will take a carriage ride back to buckingham palace. abc news plans to carry a live report at 7:30 this morning when the royal family makes that public appearance from buckingham palace from the balcony. >> i think we need to have a talk with the protocol people see that the bentley limousine followed by a minivan for the queen? >> i know, she is riding in the bentley, one of eight that they have in the royal
5:37 am
family's fleet. >> beauty. >> that's a nice ride if you can get it. >> top down weather if you have a convertible, right mike? >> absolutely just make sure you got that sunscreen on. good news on live doppler you can see clouds also where there's a lack of clouds which means there's a lack of rain in a lot of areas been tracking the rain sliding down the north bay coast and as we talked about it is weakening and now gone. hopefully, it will remain dry, i think it will for the morning commute. two to 12° cooler when you step out this morning. that puts temperatures mainly in the mid 40s to low 50s from now through 7:00 just a stray shower in the forecast. by noon showers are gone, breezes kick up more sun 50s and 60s little chilly for outdoor activities then upper 50s along the coast mid 60s
5:38 am
around the bay near self continue land at 4:00 breezes continue through the -- if you are worried about tree, grass, mold or ragweed, moderate to high again today. warmer weather tomorrow, thursday warmest afternoons low to mid 70s around the bay low 60s at the coast low 80s inland cooler friday breezes return. frances has another accident. car fire reported in san francisco north 101 at chavez the car rolling towards the lower deck not causing delays at this poefpblt here's a live shot at other than of the bay bridge toll no delays now heading out of east bay into san francisco. oakland maze this is westbound 80 traffic heading towards the bay bridge, you just her the
5:39 am
report about possibly using the carpool lanes in both directions that should be exciting hopefully it will work out well and reduce traffic. couple earlier injury crashes south 101 everything was taken off, traffic is fine all lanes open 60 to miles an hour towards san mateo out of san bruno. another injury crash on the shoulder now north 101 at hearn before you get to highway 12 on the right. southbound traffic has been looking good so far from highway 12 to highway 37, 28 minutes so that's green and you are move ever -- and you are moving close to the speed limit. disney joining forces with the first lady to promote healthy foods. what you won't be seeing any more. big change coming to school lunches why school districts giving pink slime an "f." homeowners facing foreclosure may get help
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palace balcony, abc news will carry a special report we'll bring that to you as it happens. today san francisco supervisor will propose a november ballot initiative requiring banks to pay a city tax each time they foreclose on a property. right now foreclosures are exempt from paying a title transfer tax. proposal hopes to accomplish two things, generate new revenue and officials hope a $2,000 tax would disturning banks from foreclosing on homes. school districts across america are taking pink slime off the lunch menu. the department of agriculture surveyed states the majority now buy ground beef without the filler known in the industry as lean finely textured beef only three states iowa, nebraska and south dakota still buy pink slime. the fill made of fatty bits of beef heated and treated with
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ammonia to kill germs. the first lady is teaming up with mickey moused to to promote healthy eating. with disney company will join the first laid any announcing all -- ads -- [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] taco bell getting ready to launch another dorito taco shell flavor with crackdown on state workers may cause a controversial governor his job. the impact a recall election in wisconsin could have across the country. child abuse case that shocked the nation reaches a turning point today. what to expect as jury selection begins in the trial of former penn state coach jerry sandusky. the eye-opening new study that may give you a reason to
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have that extra cup of coffee this morning. here you go little man.
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. warmer but not where
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temperatures should be this time of year. upper 50s to low 60s along the san francisco upper 60s to low 70s inland. doppler we have snow in the sierra overnight down to 5500 feet starting to wind down as is the scattered showers you see north of 80 they could return during the afternoon. watch out if you are heading that way low to mid 70s throughout central valley 93 in palm springs cold front has done is damage there. 75 in l.a., 67 in san diego. 5:48 now in pennsylvania right now former penn state football coach jerry sandusky just arrived at the courthouse for the start of his child molestation trial this is new video we just received of the former defensive coordinator walking into court. he nothing to say to reporters. he's charged with 52 counts of child sexual abuse. his defense lawyers and prosecutors will begin to choose the jury that will decide his guilt or innocence.
5:49 am
sandusky denies the accusations and his defense team has been trying to delay the start of the trial. several young men claim he abused them and they are expected to testify. president obama returns to the bay area tomorrow for another day of campaign fundraising. he was here two weeks ago on an overnight visit. tomorrow mr. obama will attend a lunch at the merchants building in san francisco and a roundtable meeting in the afternoon. bill clinton joined mr. obama at three fundraiser in new york city yesterday. the two shared top billing and brought in 3 1/2 million dollars for obama's reelection. they say the economy will be the central issue. nation and political parties closing watching today's recall vote targeting the governor of wisconsin. ran scott walker faces backlash after his successful effort to end collective bargaining for most state workers.
5:50 am
his challenger ran against him in but loss by five percentage points. polls show walker has a slight lead and could keep his job. you can see clouds are clearing just in time for the venus event tonight. >> yeah, no problems ewing it for us obviously you have to wear eye protection, other than that, yeah. look at that one lone cloud crossing the bay area not bothering anybody. that's about it. move on live doppler and here you go it is quiet this morning, quieter than it has been all morning as you can see things are winding down low pressure moving away from us that is the catalyst for the showers you saw over mendocino county that were falling apart as he headed southeast down 101. dry commute, mid 40s from los gatos to the mid 50s in fremont cooler this morning
5:51 am
than yesterday morning. monterey 50 inland salinas everybody else upper 40s. partly cloudy, breezy, cooler than average, clear cool again tonight warmest afternoons tomorrow and thursday. today we warm up two degrees in san francisco, 63 -- concord and looks like we'll jump up six degrees there. east bay valleys upper 60s to low 70's 73 possible in brentwood. mid 60s east bay shore to possibly 67 today in fremont. we'll start 66 milpitas warm to 68 san jose, cupertino, 70 los gatos. 62 millbrae mid to upper 50s along the coast near 60 downtown south san francisco, 62 sausalito upper 60s to near 70 the rest of the north bay
5:52 am
valleys. monterey carmel mid 60s. temperatures tonight mainly upper 40s to low 50s less cloud cover than this morning. big event stars 3:06 with the -- starts 3:06 as venus starts to move into the sun upper left hand corner then will meet midway point at 6:25 then we will not see it egress because it will be after the sunset. enjoy it, it going to be an interesting event. 80 tomorrow, eight -- 82 thursday. low 60s at the coast briefly cool friday and saturday. have a great day. now we'll head to the cordelia junction southbound 680 just past 80 vehicle lost its trailer blocking a lane slow through the junction.
5:53 am
so close to the intersection now it is causing traffic to back up on westbound 80 approaching southbound 680 look out for this. we'll let you know when it clears no injuries reported on that one. at least mass transit reporting no delays. ace, bart, muni and caltrain. 680 as you continue past the benicia bridge through concord and walnut creek towards highway 24, traffic light now through the san ramon valley ansa noel grey. looking good on southbound 101 -- for commuters through san rafael past the lucas valley exit no problems now through petaluma and santa rosa earlier crash northbound on 101 towards santa rosa. south bay headlights northbound 280 delay-free up towards cupertino picking up slowing on north 101 through san jose alum rock to mckey.
5:54 am
investors may have a new reason not to like facebook many taco bell plans to launch more dorito-flavored shells. doritos tacos driving consumers crazy. taco bell sold 100 million doritos tacoes in 10 weeks make the new shell its most successful product lunch ever far exceeding the crunch wrap supreme. a spokesperson tells us the next flavor cool ranch will go nationwide soon and others may follow. more than 120 doritos flavors worldwide. more problems for facebook. new poll says four out of five facebook users have never bought a product or service as a result of advertising or comments on the site. the report also says 34% spending less time on facebook than six ago. concern about money making ables has pushed the stock down 29%. facebook taking heat from u.s.
5:55 am
lawmakers because of its possible plans for what critics are calling a babyface book that would allow children under 13 on its site with parental controls. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. 5:five fight heads-up for -- 5:55 this morning. public works department wants to budget a million dollars to plant new trees and replace old ones to keep the city beautiful, officials say the city can't afford to maintain them so the department is trying to transfer maintenance to homeowners even if they had no say in planting the trees. so far 65,000 out of 100,000 trees have been put under the care of homeowners. there may be another reason this morning to keep drinking coffee. new study shows people 55 and older who drink three cups a day avoid the onset of alzheimer's. also for people who have a mild form of the cognitive
5:56 am
impairment. coffee more specifically, caffeine, seems to keep the disease at bay. the study will be published today. kansas man who caught a fleeting glimpse of the golden gate bridge on his way to the vietnam war is in san francisco this morning making up for lost time. 63-year-old larry richardson was so taken by the beauty of the bridge he built his own 150 feet long a replica over a creek on his farm. the construction took him 10 years. he's in town to see the bridge he's dreamed off since 1969. >> i don't know, it was one of the last things you saw when you was leaving this country. and i was just so significant, so beautiful. >> he and his wife will be guests of honor at an event expected to be held tomorrow at the golden gate bridge. we are glad he came back from vietnam. >> certainly. i'm thinking we should send
5:57 am
him some san francisco fog. >> and maybe some of our orange paint. still ahead, following breaking news developing news in oakland, a peaceful ending to a tense overnight standoff with police. we'll have a live report. meeting today that could determine how a group of east bay teenagers will be punished after a prank that went too far. just in time for father's day. michael finney has tips for choosing the right lawnmower.
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